Autumn quclms term starts 9th September


After a lovely summer break, during which we presented our initial experience with using Twitter for medical education in a workshop at AMEE 2013, quclms is back!

Based on your feedback we’ve made a few changes to how we run the cases. The main changes are:

  • less information will be available initially, to encourage you to think about important elements of the patient’s history or examination before moving to investigations
  • in response to your initial comments and questions we’ll release more information, just like if you were managing the patient as a doctor
  • the discussion will last only a week: Monday morning to Friday evening
  • the expert comment will be released immediately after the end of the discussion – in most cases on the Friday evening

quclms is run for UCL Medical Students, but we would love others to get involved so please follow us @quclms and tweet your ideas and experiences. We hope you get involved and enjoy being part of quclms.

If you’re still not sure  what we’re about, read the information for students and clinicians. We are on the look out for more question writers, so if you would like your specialist subject to get more exposure in the curriculum complete the form on the clinician pages and get in touch.

Remember that you can read all of our previous cases and expert comments from our Summer term:


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