Case 7: perioperative care

drip stand

Molly Adams, a 32 year-old woman, is seen in colorectal surgery clinic. She has been referred by the gastroenterologists for consideration of surgery. She has a history of ulcerative colitis which is active and severely debilitating, causing frequent episodes of abdominal pain and bloody diarrhoea. In addition, she constantly suffers with fatigue and tenesmus.

You are part of the anaesthetic team and want to optimise her pre- peri- and post-operative care.

Question 1: What further information do you want from the history to help you plan Mrs Adams’ pre-operative care? 


Discuss now on Twitter, using the hashtag #quclms. Follow @quclms for updates. Further information and follow-up questions will appear on Twitter throughout the week.

Question setter: Dr Gautam Kumar, Anaesthetic Registrar, UCLH

Expert: Dr David Walker, ITU and Anaesthetic Consultant, UCLH

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