How to submit a case

DSC_0105So you want to get involved and set a question? Great! Here’s our guide to how it works:

Just a few things to check before we start.

  • Are you a consultant or senior registrar (ST5)? If the answer is ‘yes’ please continue on. If the answer is ‘no’, don’t worry- we still want junior doctors to get involved. It just means that we’ll need you to get a senior registrar or your consultant on board to help write the expert comment.
  • Do you have Twitter? ‘Yes’: you’ll be able to follow the case and participate in the discussion. ‘No’: this is not essential, but why not consider joining? Have a look at our guide to Twitter!

Moving on to submitting your case:

Quclms clinicians flowchart

  1. Fill in our form to express your interest and we’ll send you the question submission form by email, along with some guidance for how to make a case. We need to cover as diverse a range of topics as possible so it’s worth discussing your ideas to make sure you do not duplicate an area we already have a question on in out bank.
  2. The case will then get reviewed by staff at UCL Medical School to check that the content aligns with core curriculum teaching. At this stage we will get back in to contact if any changes need to be made and make sure you’re happy with the final version including the case, resources to highlight, key questions and your expert comment.
  3. We’ll set a date for the question to be published and the case to be run. It would be handy for you to be free enough to follow the case during the week in case you want to have any input.

The week of the case:

  1. The case is  posted and run by our team, but you can (and should!) get involved via Twitter, by following @quclms!
  2. By Thursday the team at UCL medical school make minor tweaks to the expert comment you have written in advance. This will ensure that the information aligns with the discussion that has been taking place on Twitter, and that any questions raised by students are answered.
  3. We publish the expert comment on Friday, and no later than  the following Monday.Quclms clinicians flowchart bogus-page-1

Please use the form below to submit your contact details and express interest in making a case so that we can email you a form.

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